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  • Señoras&Señores: Wolfgang Mayer – The Flesh is the Zombie Talk
  • Abrimos las puertas de un nuevo Señoras&Señores que contará con la charla del artista Wolfgang Mayer (miembro de Discoteca Flaming Star), aprovechando su actual estancia en Rampa.


    “The Flesh is the Zombie Talk”:

    “I will talk for about 50 minutes and show you some images. I will start with a poem and end with a video. Inbetween I will elaborate on topics like the relation of Me and We, Ernst Kantorowicz doctrine of The King’s Two Bodies, Eric Santners concept of the Flesh and finally adding to these theories, as my proposal, the Zombies of Georg Romero (1968-2009 so far) and their successors within the TV-series The Walking Dead (2010-now)”

    About Wolfgang Mayer:

    Born 1967 in Wertach, Allgäu, in Germany as the illegitimate child of Bonnie Tyler and Klaus Kinski. He studied at the Academy in Munich, at Bar d´O in NYC and with Ron Clark at the Whitney ISP. He works primarly with drawing, shimmering dust, video and performance. He works and lives currently in Madrid. Besides working on individual projects, he is with Cristina Gómez Barrio involved in the collaborative project Discoteca Flaming Star, creating spaces for experiments and displaced memories. His and their work has been shown at numerous venues including Artists Space, Whitney Museum, The Kitchen, NYC; MUMOK, Vienna; HKW, n.b.k., Basso, KW in Berlin, Ojo Atomico, Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo, Madrid, WHW, Zagreb, Tate Modern, London, De Appel, Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam.

    Fecha: 18 Junio 2015
    Hora: 19:00 h.
    Lugar: Rampa. c/Fuenlabrada 9 28019-Madrid (Metro: Marqués de Vadillo)